Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Eggplant Lasagna!

There are some vegetables you just assume are going to be high maintenance.  I've always thought eggplant was one of them.  I finally took the plunge and decided to try it... and it was easy!  AND tastes great!

 First you need to "sweat" the eggplant.  (This gets any bitterness out)  All you do is slice the eggplant (about 1/4" to 1/2"), sprinkle both sides with a little salt (don't overdo) and put it in a colander.  Place a plate underneath and wait about 30 minutes.

 You'll actually see beads of moisture pop up pretty fast.  After 30 minutes
rinse well and pat dry.

For this recipe you'll only need:

1 Organic Eggplant
1 Jar Organic Pasta Sauce
Lasagna Noodles (I love the no boil type!)
Fine Breadcrumbs or Panko (found in the baking aisle)
Organic Milk
Olive Oil 

Anytime you can get organic items you should.  Soooo much healthier for you!

After you have gotten your eggplant ready (see above), preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Dip your eggplant in a bowl of milk.  Then dip in flour.  Dip back in milk quickly and then in the breadcrumbs.  The flour helps the breadcrumbs to stay on better.  Set each slice on a plate until you have all of your slices coated with bread crumbs.

Heat olive oil in a skillet and fry each piece until golden.  Set aside on a plate until needed.

If you are using lasagna noodles that need to be boiled do so, if you are using no-boil noodles you can begin your layering.

(You decide how much eggplant, lasagna and sauce you want with this recipe.  Maybe you want a small dish just for two or a large amount for a group!  With lasagna you can wing it!)

Spread pasta sauce in the bottom of your pan (I use a square glass baking pan).  Put one layer of lasagna noodles over sauce.  Put another layer of sauce over noodles, then a layer of your fried eggplant.  Continue layering and end with sauce on top.  If you want you can put cheese on top, but to make this a healthy low-fat dish you should try it without.  Trust me, I LOVE cheese, but this is actually very good without it.  Really!

Bake for 30 minutes.

Doesn't that look great!   Add some steamed broccoli and you're set!

Did you know eggplant has been useful in the treatment of colon cancer because of it's high amount of fiber?   As it moves through your digestive tract it has a tendency to absorb toxins and chemicals that can lead to the development of colon cancer.  Be sure to include the skin when cooking as it contains the most fiber.

It's low in calories!  Only 35 calories per cup.  It contains no fat and its high fiber content can help you feel full.

It's also high in chlorogenic acid which is not only a powerful antioxidant, but has the ability to help lower bad cholesterol levels!

Tastes great, low in calories and lowers bad cholesterol.  What a great dinner!
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